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East African Treks and Safaris

Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya
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A love for travel and adventure! Founded by experts in mountaineering and safaris, East African Treks and Safaris is here to share the wealth of experience we have in living and travelling around East Africa while conserving its natural beauty.

At East African Treks and Safaris we share your passion when it comes to experiencing all that East Africa has to offer. Our love of the region and knowledge acquired from our experience and from different traveler’s feedback feeds our desire to help you adventure into the beauties of this amazing world. These beauties come to life in the itineraries of the incredibly gifted countries we offer. Come to explore as you write the perfect tour story of the endowed mother Earth.

Our Destinations
East African Treks and Safaris operates in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Congo mainly in small and big groups offering exclusive, high-end, mid-range, tented and individualized travel packages. We offer a wide range of experiences focusing on hiking expeditions, walking safaris, Gorilla tracking, photographic safaris, balloon safaris, helicopter safaris, birding safaris, cultural tours and working holidays.

Our Location
Our main office is situated in London’s Stoke Newington near the Stoke Newington over-ground station. We have dedicated partners in all countries we operate. We operate across Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda and all holidays can be booked online, over the telephone or in person.

Expert Team
Our team of experts are people from the different countries we operate in and are former mountain guides, safari guides and tourism professionals in those destinations. Their experience, passion and dedication of the team is to give you a life time experience in any of the destinations you visit with us as we promote adventure and sustainable tourism to the countries we love.

East African Treks & Safaris is committed to environmentally friendly tourism and works closely with the local communities to develop and maintain conservation projects to protect the local wildlife and their environment.

With over a decade of experience, we are a home-grown company and will show you the authentic East Africa.

With lots of experience in mountaineering in East Africa, our local guides will lead you to the adventurous peaks of East Africa. Try our list of different mountains we operate.

Ask us about:
-Mt. Kenya hike ( 5199m)
-Rwenzori Mountains hike (5109m)
-Nyiragongo Volcano Hike (3470m)
-Mt. Muhavura volcano (4127m)
-Mt.Sabinyo (3645m)
-Mt Gahinga (3474m)
-Mt. Elgon hike (4321m)
-Mt Abadare ranges hike (3999m)
-Mt. Karisimbi hike (4507m)
-Mt. Murongole hike(2749m)
-Mt. Moroto Hike(3083m)
-Mt. Kadam (3063m)
-Mt Kahuzi (3308m)
-Mt Beiga (2709m)
-Mt Longnot (2776m)