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SA-based company operating in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya
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Make the time for reflection and growth, awaken your senses, and change your life.

About EcoTraining: We are a passionate environmentally-conscious company offering nature courses for field guides and for those who simply love the African wilderness. Our courses, based from camps in some of Africa’s premier wildlife areas, provide total immersion in the wilderness – amazing experiences which reveal fascinating facts about Africa’s ecosystems.

What we do: Courses: We conduct fascinating educational, hands-on wildlife courses from bush camps.

Learn about the exciting large and small elements of our natural surroundings – the extensive diversity of living organisms that exist in nature. Study the behaviour, interaction and identification of all the small creatures and birds in our ecosystems. Understand the underlying elements that support this incredible variety of life – geology, soils, plants and climate. Then learn to identify and study the behaviour of the alluring larger wild animals that roam our wilderness areas.

Topics include: Geology, weather, habitats, grasses, the food web and energy flow, navigation and orientation, animal tracks and tracking, bush survival skills, bird identification and behaviour, animal behaviour, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, fish, common trees and shrubs (and their traditional uses) and astronomy. Other activities include guiding skills, conservation and communities, the ethos of sensitive game viewing and much more.

What sets EcoTraining apart? Our camps. Our courses are conducted from unfenced tented bush camps in Africa’s magical wilderness areas, including the Kruger Park and Mashatu Game Reserve in the northern Tuli Block of Botswana. All teem with the big five, antelope and a huge diversity of birds. Learners at camp co-exist with the environment – when sleeping they hear elephants browsing right outside the tents, hyenas whoop in the distance and nightjars calling close by.

Who makes EcoTraining? EcoTraining’s instructors are specialist, highly experienced naturalists delivering the highest standard of nature guiding. Their passion for the African wilderness which they share with the course participants is experienced by all that attend our courses and many learners leave saying that it was the best experience of their life.

Who is EcoTraining for? We cater for all walks of life and all ages – school leavers looking for a career in the safari industry, others wanting a meaningful gap year in nature and anyone, including working professionals wanting to spend their leave in Africa’s wilderness for a learning adventure.

What courses can we offer you?
• Professional Field Guide – One Year
• Field Guide Level 1 (FGASA) – 55 days
• Trails Guide – 28 days
• Safari Guide – 29 days
• EcoQuest – 7/15 days
• Animal Tracks and Tracking – 7/14 days
• Birding in the Bush – 7 days
• Wildlife Photography – 6 days
• Wilderness Trails Skills – 6 days