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Edward Selfe Photography

South Luangwa National Park
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Edward Selfe is a private guide and professional photographer living year-round in Zambia’s celebrated South Luangwa. His safaris combine excellent photographic opportunities with the authentic safari experience which has made the South Luangwa famous.

Edward is an accomplished photographer and takes pleasure in helping his guests improve their photographic skills. Throughout each safari, he offers gentle advice about adjusting settings, keeping an eye on changing light and preparing for any upcoming sightings. He often challenges guests to try new techniques, adding variety to their portfolios. Back in camp, he runs individual editing sessions, reviewing the previous day’s images and developing guests’ skills.

Edward holds both of Luangwa’s coveted guiding qualifications reflecting his years of guiding experience and love of being immersed in wild places. His guiding style is one of ‘exploring with his guests’ and he loves to discover new areas, try new techniques or sit and wait for sightings to develop. As a skilled naturalist, he is as interested in wildlife as he is in photography and is the ideal guide for someone with a passion for both.

Edward works with the best-known camps in the National Park, offering a range of group safaris to suit all budgets and requirements. Most of his tours are for groups of only 4, ensuring that each guest has ample opportunity for advice and tailored assistance.

Edward runs a photo-blog on his website which hosts safari information, beautiful photos and a series of wildlife photography tutorials; these offer an insight into his expertise as a photographic guide, as well as a wealth of information for photographers.

Contact Edward for a safari rich in photographic opportunities and wildlife experiences.

Throughout this safari, Edward had an eye for the background, for the best possible angle and at the right moments, while gently reminding me to keep an eye on camera settings. His empathy with the needs of the photographer was much appreciated.
Hermann Buchen, Germany

Choosing Edward as our professional wildlife photography tutor was the best thing we could have done. He gently challenged us to be creative and provided great photographic opportunities and perfect lighting.”
Denise Souza, USA

Edward is undoubtedly an expert guide & wildlife photographer and passionate about both subjects. I cannot recommend him highly enough and I am already thinking about a second trip next year.
Mike White, UK