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We’re an independently owned company with a passion for travel in some of the planet’s less known – and, we think, most interesting – places. Native Eye was established to offer trips to destinations that most other companies wouldn’t even consider offering, from the deserts of Chad to the tribal communities of Angola, with a strong focus on discovering the unique cultures that still exist in hidden corners of the world.

We’re a small team, and with that you get highly personalised service – forget anonymous call centres and generic answers to your questions. Our aim is to provide outstanding customer service, from your first enquiry to the running of the trip itself, and we draw on a wide range of experience in our team to achieve this.

There are few, if any, other companies that can claim to have personal travel experience of many of our destinations – whether that be exploring the desert towns of Mauritania or attending arcane rituals in the forests of Gabon. We love exploring new places, meeting new people, and offering these experiences to intrepid travellers who are prepared to look beyond the norm of adventure travel.

So, who travels with us? The one uniting factor with our travellers is that they all have a keen interest in getting ‘off the beaten track’ – to use an already overused travel industry cliché. We attract a wide range of well-travelled people, mostly from the UK but also from the US, Canada, Australia and other countries. Most of our travellers tend to be 40 plus, which is perhaps a result of the destinations that we offer – not too many 18-year-olds are interested in visiting Nigeria, for example. But of course age is no barrier and as long as you have an adventurous spirit, a willingness to accept the challenges that these destinations often involve, and an interest in seeing something truly different, then you’ll fit in. Our youngest traveller has been 25 years old, to Gabon, and our oldest, 92, to Mauritania.

Our group tours run with a maximum of twelve people, bar a handful of exceptions, and many of groups are smaller which allows more attention from the guide and more intimate encounters with local people. Sometimes we guide the trips ourselves, while at other times our team of local guides are better placed to do this – we choose what works best and don’t stick rigidly to a formula that may not suit all situations.

Travelling with us offers a chance to visit places that few others have yet reached, pioneering destinations that may see less than a hundred visitors a year, where you’re likely to be as seen as a rather exotic visitor rather than just another tourist following the well trodden trail. This is travel at its most exciting, how it once was – breathtaking, new, intriguing and exhilarating. We know you’ll love it.