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Ta Shebube

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
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Ta Shebube
Ta Shebube consists of two lodges in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park on the Botswana side of the park, one at Rooiputs and one at Polentswa. Each lodge promotes high quality, low density tourism and is large enough to cater for family and friends, yet small enough to ensure that all guests will experience the tranquility and solitude that make the Kgalagadi such a desirable holiday destination.

The lodges
is located only 25 km from the park gate at Two Rivers. It is built from a mixture of wood, glass, grass and canvas and has 11 chalets perched along a mature sand dune with a 180 degree panoramic view of a valley of acacia savannah and grassy plains.

Polentswa is situated in a remote area of the park, 200 km from Rooputs along the predator rich Nossob Valley. It has 8 chalets and is nestled amongst trees and shrubs with far reaching views of the Polentswa pan famous for its magnificent sun sets. It is built entirely from canvas and reflects a romantic bygone era.

While traditionally the KTP appeals to campers, Ta Shebube wish to give an alternative to people that want to experience the desert without roughing it. Yet, although accommodation is comfortable it is rustic and fits perfectly into the desert environment.

Ta Shebube offers accommodation and full board and gamedrives in open game viewers, however, for those that want to do their own game drives we offer accommodation and board only. Both lodges are unfenced with frequent visitors of wild animals and guests may enjoy game viewing from the privacy of their veranda.

Predators are the area’s big attraction and include the black maned Kalahari lion, leopard, cheetah, brown and spotted hyena, jackal and wildcat. The park with its multitude of waterholes along the dry riverbeds show predators and antelopes off at a premium, making it ideal for dedicated game-viewers and bird watchers and provide excellent photographic opportunities.

Bird watching
KTP is a bird watchers paradise with an impressive list of birds of over 300 species, about 102 of those being resident. The park has a fair number of both arid and bush veld birds and is particularly known for its raptors. Ta Shebube has got experienced and qualified guides specifically interested in birds and will give keen birdwatchers an unforgettable experience.

Photographic safari
The KTP is a great place for photography and Ta Shebube provides a comfortable environment for photographers in order for them to be able to focus 100% on taking that ultimate wildlife picture. We offer a private game viewing vehicle with a guide. Our guides appreciate the patience required for good pictures; and with their great knowledge of the desert, the wildlife, the best waterholes, the seasons and the correct lighting they add real value to any photographic safari.

Ta Shebube is perfect for star gazing. Clean air and no light pollution make for an amazing experience to gaze at the night sky. The lodges have telescopes but the clean air allows you to see more of the sky with the naked eye than almost anywhere else on earth.