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The Makokola Retreat

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The Retreat is on a lake that is beautiful almost beyond belief. Its waters are the habitat of more species of fish than that of any other body of fresh water on the earth. Lake Malawi has always been known as “Livingstone’s Lake”. The areas of Mangochi and Fort Johnston have an important historical heritage. Livingstone saw for the first time his lake at Mphonda that is only 10 Km south of The Makokola Retreat. Here Livingstone realized that the lake was a route used by the slave traders, a practice the he long fought against. Livingstone acumen allowed him to eradicate the slavery by using these routes to trade commodities for the British Crown. A tropical haven with a relaxed pace, Malawi is famous for its artistic traditions, including dances, wood sculpture, painting, embroidery and music amongst others. Our guests can absorb the Malawian culture that surrounds them by visiting the nearby attractions and admiring the local artwork and crafts around the Retreat.

Our Rooms:
Our hand built villas blend ethno chic with all that is traditional in Malawi. All the comforts you would expect during your getaway are here, accentuated by locally sourced wooden beams and traditional artwork beneath a thatched roof. The Malawian theme is carried through the decor, with handcrafted furniture, typical artifacts and local fabrics in rich, vivid colors.

Our rooms are just a few steps from the beach, yet designed with seclusion in mind. On The Makokola Retreat grounds, pathways lead you to accommodations nestled in the midst of magical natural gardens. It is haven of rest and relaxation, where you can feel at one with the environment. There is fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces where time becomes your own.

You’ll have enthusiastic Malawian hosts to look after you during your stay. They’ll take care of all your needs, including serving your meals, arranging activities and guiding you on excursions. They are part of The Makokola Retreat’s commitment to the local community and upliftment of the country’s people. Many of them have very little in the way of formal education, but they have a genuine warmth and friendliness, and will be delighted to receive you.

Enjoy superbly rewarding leisure time: Spa escapes, golfing, active pursuits from waterskiing to sailing, walking to a local village or reading a book, whether your vacation dream is action packed or absolutely relaxed, The Makokola Retreat includes temptations for any interest, all year-round.

Water based activities

  • Most of the water activities are focused around the Lake. You can snorkel the waters which are abundant in fresh water life or watch the sunset as you sail on our boats or maybe cruise to the island nearby or water-ski close to the beach. The Makokola Retreat is a water lover’s paradise and we can provide equipment and guides for:
    • Snorkeling
    • Sailing
    • Waterskiing
    • Wakeboarding
    • Speedboats rentals
    • Wakesnake
    • Canoes
    • Round tubes
    • Parasailing
    • Island Excursions

Land based activities
An exciting array of land activities awaits you at The Makokola Retreat. Venture on a village excursion rich in culture or discover the local flora and fauna. If you are in the mood for a more challenging activity, golfing or a beach volleyball match can be an exceptionally memorable experience in this amazing setting. At the Retreat you can enjoy:

  • The Lake Spa
  • Golf
  • Bowls
  • Tennis (flood lit tennis court)
  • Squash
  • Five a side soccer (flood lit field)
  • Beach volleyball
  • Cultural and historical encounters
  • Bird watching
  • Day trips

At the Retreat, our staff not only reflects the warmth of Malawi but they also take pride in serving you in a personalized and friendly manner. During your visit with us, you will have the opportunity to appreciate their genuine kindliness through our various services.

  • Weddings
  • Day Tours
  • Meeting facilities
  • Business services