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Ethiopia and Djibouti
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Ethiopia is an incredibly diverse country with infinite attractions and stunningly hospitable people. This wealth gives it great potential for cultural and educational tourism, bird watching, desert and mountain trekking as well as eco-tourism. Home to” Lucy” and the oldest stone tools, the first fossils of modern humans and many other discoveries were enough reasons for even the most renowned archaeologists to argue that Ethiopia deserves the title “Cradle of Humankind”. As a travel destination, Ethiopia is different in many ways from its African counterparts. The paintings and crafts found in ancient churches and monasteries are especially unique, and are characterized by the North African and Middle Eastern traditional influences coupled with ancient Christian culture. The 11 rock-cut churches of Lalibela are an important world heritage and just one part of the Afro-Mediterranean civilization that can only be experienced in Ethiopia. Also the rich tribal cultures and fine National Parks in the South have been remarkably well preserved and are truly fascinating. All together Ethiopia is the proud owner of 9 cultural and natural monuments registered by the UNESCO as world heritage sites. Further UNESCO registrations are in preparation.

Welcome Ethiopia Tours is a fully licensed premium tour operator for Ethiopia under Swiss management with a head office in Addis Ababa. We organize and conduct tailor-made individual tours as well as group tours offering an ideal balance between culture, history, nature and adventure.

Our guests enjoy a superior service and highest travel comfort. All our ground transportation is in comfortable and well maintained vehicles. For each tour we carefully select our guides and drivers according to strict requirements, specifically taking into consideration language skills, history knowledge, service-mindedness and experience. We only work with certified, friendly guides driven by their passion to show their country with enthusiasm. Similar criteria apply to our drivers who are all fluent in English and have long records of safe driving in Ethiopia. While we want to provide genuine adventures, safety always remains of central importance. Finally, we want to adhere to the values of our Swiss Management; exact planning, efficient timing, reliability and a generally high product quality.