Malawi - Easy rider

For a relaxed self-drive holiday, Malawi is an inspired alternative to South Africa, Zimbabwe or Namibia. Nick Redmayne successfully dodged the errant goats to enjoy smooth tarmac and laid-back game drives in the warm heart of Africa.

Zimbabwe - Salibonani!

With interest in Zimbabwe growing once again, we sent Emma Gregg on a return visit to see what it is really like to travel around the country right now. She embarks on a whistle-stop roadtrip to explore some of its many and diverse attractions, to assess the mood for those now considering a visit.

Namibia - Virgin territory

How daunting is going to Africa for the first time? We asked US-based travel writer Hillary Richard, who was embarrassed to admit she’d always wanted to go to Africa but never had. For her inaugural safari she set her sights on the untouched wilderness of Namibia. So how did she get on?