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Travel Africa magazine is the only international English-language magazine dedicated to travel in and around Africa. The magazine has been published quarterly since 1997 and explores Africa’s diverse attractions, wildlife, culture and adventure, drawing on some of the world’s top writers and photographers.

Travel Africa is published by Gecko Publishing Ltd, registered and based in the UK, although its origins are strongly African. The company is independently-owned and has no formal association with any travel company, conservation group or other related organisation.

Travel Africa Safari Planner

We’re aware that the articles in Travel Africa magazine are going to give you ideas for future adventures across Africa. Our recent reader survey suggests you’re reading it with your next safari in mind, with 88% of readers actively planning a trip in the next two years.

Discussing different destinations is one thing, but helping you actually pull the trip together is another. Once you’ve identified an area you’d like to visit, the details start to count: where should you stay and how should you travel around?

In most places, you are spoilt for choice: there’s a range of accommodation across all budgets, and exciting companies offering services and activities to help bring it to life and make your trip smooth and cost-efficient. But which ones should you choose and how do you cut through the noise to find those companies most suitable for you?

The Travel Africa Safari Planner is designed to help you get started, to offer you a great selection of good quality, reliable operators who know their stuff.

All the companies featured have partnered with Travel Africa magazine, and while we have no inherent connection with them, and no responsibility for their operations, we feel they all offer a high quality service and can be relied upon. We’d be comfortable recommending them.

How to use the planner

We’ve tried to make this site as easy as possible for you to use.

1. Set your search criteria.
Which country do you want to visit? Choose it from the location drop down menu.
Are you looking for accommodation, an operator or something else…? Make that selection from the services drop down menu. If you’re keen to see all companies, leave this and just run with the destination.

2. Review the summary matches.
A range of companies will come up with an image and basic locator text so you can quickly see where they are based. So if you’re looking for a particular national park, you can quickly identify the right company for you.

3. View the company of your choice.
Click through to your selected company to see their image gallery, text, map locator and perhaps video or even special offers. This content has been supplied by the company.
In the case of remote lodges, you may need to zoom out on the map to see the location better in relation to other points in the region.
Read the reviews, or add a review. Other viewers may comment on a company, or you can  add your own comments should you have used the company before. All comments are moderated by Travel Africa magazine, and we will keep a close eye on anything that may look manipulated, so that you can trust the comments made. And remember, this is a useful resource, so if you’re adding a comment, make it as helpful as possible for other users.

4. Contact them for more information.
Keen to know more? Of course, there’s only so much we can do and so if you see a company you like and would like to see more, click the link to their own website or use the easy email form to contact them. Do tell them, please, that you saw them on the Travel Africa Safari Planner.

In future we’ll be adding some extra features to make it even easier for you to use this resource, and of course we’d appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future improvements. Please use the form below.

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