A selection of articles from Travel Africa magazine, or advice and interviews from our Safari Planner partners, to help give context and guidance for your research…. have fun!

Kenya by design

Kenya expert and author Richard Trillo draws on his extensive experience to create a list of ideal destinations for you. Categories include: Kenya for first timers, Kenya for adventurers, Kenya for animal lovers, Kenya for families, Kenya for safari cognoscenti, Kenya for honeymooners, Kenya for those with a disability, and Kenya for those on a budget. 

Uganda's remarkable diversity

Uganda is where eastern and central African habitats meet. Jungles, bristling with birds and primates, merge with open savannahs stocked with big game favourites. Add the mighty Nile, the Rwenzori Mountains and Africa’s largest lake and you have too many choices. Don’t worry. Philip Briggs and Andrew Roberts, Bradt’s Uganda guidebook authors, are here to help.

Ghana - stimulating and diverse

Free from the packaged tourism found in other nations that share similar natural beauty and culture, Ghana is ripe for independent travellers looking for stimulating and diverse experiences. Philip Briggs, author of Bradt’s latest guidebook to the country, is here to help you get your planning started.

Essential South Africa

Thanks to its spectacular diversity, South Africa offers more holiday possibilities than any other nation on the continent. We asked Carrie Hampton, who has visited more than 200 safari lodges and dozens of beaches, to let us into the secrets of its best bush and beach destinations.

Essential Botswana

With many of the continent’s most exclusive safari destinations, Botswana has become known for catering above all for visitors with ample cash to burn. But there are still many delights for those on much tighter budgets, and Lonely Planet author Matthew D Firestone is here to show you where to look.

Africa for beginners

Is there any other continent as charged with emotion and excitement as Africa? This dazzling quilt of more than 50 countries is spread across a landmass that could swallow South America and Europe. Emma Gregg and Richard Trillo, authors of the new Rough Guide First-Time Africa, offer their expertise. 

Planning a visit to Tanzania

Tanzania undoubtably offers the most diverse attractions on the continent. It has more World Heritage Sites than any other, a vast coastline, the highest peak, the deepest lake, sweeping savannahs and forested mountains. And it is vast. So if you’re planning a visit, you have a lot to consider.