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Visitors who hope to find a mirror image of their own countries, either as a result of colonisation or through the trend towards cultural standardisation imposed by globalisation, will be disappointed: Ethiopia remains stubbornly Ethiopian, distinct and different from its neighbours.

Ethiopia has its own script, notational system and calendar. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the oldest in Africa – Christianity was made the state religion in the Axumite Empire in 330 AD, before Rome. Muslim communities were established in Ethiopia before the triumph of Islam in its birth place, the Arabian Peninsula, while Ethiopian Jews, or Bait Israel, date their provenance back to the time of the first temple.

There is every variety of scenery, with tropical rain forests, high moor land with Afro-alpine flora, lakes, savannah and deserts. In elevation it ranges from 120 metres below sea level in the harsh salt flats of the Danakil depression, to the 4624 metre peak of RasDashen in the Simien mountains. There are more than 80 ethnic groups and as many languages.

Ethiopian Quadrants PLC
Ethiopian Quadrants runs tours for those travellers who want that little bit more – not simply good service but also insights into the culture and customs of the countries they visit. Whatever your interest – history and culture, ornithology, wildlife, anthropology, photo safaris – all of our tours can be tailored to meet our clients’ particular interests, and are specially planned to make the visitor less of a consumer and more of a participant in Ethiopian life, culture and custom.

Our tours
In addition to running tours on the more popular tourist circuits, such as the Historic Route, Simien Mountain Trekking, the Rift Valley and Bale Mountains, and the Omo Valley, we can organise tours off the beaten track, in the Afar Region, Gambella, the west bank of the Omo, and BeniShangulGumuz.

We also provide a variety of specialist tours, in ornithology, flowers and plants, geology, and anthropology, and can set up study tours in the discipline of your choice, from Art to Zoology, linking up with Ethiopian institutions and associations, specialists and experts.

We can also help with filming in Ethiopia, Tony Hickey the General Manager has worked with more than 80 film crews here and has himself produced and directed documentaries.

Corporate responsibility
Ethiopian Quadrants is committed to ensuring that host communities benefit as much as possible from tourism receipts, and to exploring ways whereby benefits can be maximized.  Generally, we believe in corporate responsibility, we support various local development initiatives in different areas of the country, sponsor two youth football teams here in Addis Ababa, and assist a number of children with school fees and other expenses.

Special tour for Travel Africa readers!

Ethiopian Quadrants Wildlife, Birdlife and History Itinerary
Lalibela, Gondar, Simien Mountains & Bale

Day 1:Arrive Addis Ababa, city tour. Jupiter Hotel
Day 2: Fly to Gondar, drive to Simien Mountains National Park. Simien Park Lodge
Day 3: Full day in the park. Simien Park Lodge
Day 4: Drive back to Gondar, city tour of Gondar. Goha Hotel
Day 5: Fly to Lalibela, visit churches in town. Mountain View Hotel
Day 6: Visit Yemrehane Christos and Asheton Mariam. Mountain View Hotel
Day 7: Fly back to Addis, from airport leave for Awash National Park. Awash Falls Lodge
Day 8: Full day in the park. Awash Falls Lodge
Day 9: Drive to Bale Mountains National Park, via Asela and Dinsho. GobaWabishebelle Hotel/Bale Mountains Lodge
Day 10: Full day in the Park. Bale Mountains Lodge
Day 11:  Full day in the Park. Bale Mountains Lodge
Day 12: Drive to Langano. Haro Lodge
Day 13: Drive back to Addis Ababa, shopping, day rooms, depart at night.