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Mama Tembo Tours Zambia Ltd

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Zambia-based MTT is an independent operator working freely with trusted African companies, accommodations, and guides. This way MTT serves each client’s unique needs. In Zambia, we offer a Lusaka guest house, Lusaka city tours, and a one of a kind safari vehicle in Zambia which allows you to see the country by road comfortably and safely. We offer fly in and out safaris too to Zambia’s national parks.

Multiple Country Safaris
We work in Zambia’s neighbours, nine of them in all. Multiple country safaris is our specialty. There is no need to find another outfitter when you want to combine countries in one itinerary.

Custom Itineraries Everywhere We Work
We believe diversity is the key to our great itineraries. Our itineraries are tried and trusted, proven logistically and revised regularly. No safari is too long or too short or too difficult.

Our Mission
We undertake the challenge to sort through the immense number of options to create the best African safari for you. We give you honest and informed advice. We give you one-on-one support from start to finish. We take our relationship with each client personally.

Special offer
Ten percent discount on any of MTT Zambia’s road safaris for Travel Africa readers.