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Angola: North West, South West, South East; Botswana: Country wide; Mozambique: Gorongosa area
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Leadership trails, walking safaris, expeditions and tailor made private safaris in unspoiled Africa
Ubuntu means ‘humanity’: open yourself by connecting to nature and those around you. Ubuntu is an ancient African philosophy based on tribal culture and nature. UbuntuTrails offers walking safaris, leadership training and expeditions based on these Ubuntu principles in pristine wilderness in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. We offer close interaction with wildlife and local cultures in a safe and ethical fashion.

Leadership Trails: Leading by nature
We offer leadership development based on trails guide training. Our programs are designed to develop and hone your leadership skills. Our guides and facilitators are among the most experienced in Southern Africa. Our trails are open to all adventurous individuals or teams who want to develop their personal and team leadership skills. Many of our participants are senior professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs.

By removing the clutter and opening your senses nature will help you to reconnect with yourself and help you to be open and connected to the small group of people that have joined for this week far away from everything. Even the internet and 4G do not exist here. This situation offers the perfect conditions for a great leadership learning experience!

Walking Safaris: get out of your comfort zone
There is no experience more humbling and mind-blowing than walking in an unspoiled Big 5 wilderness area in the African bush. As the bush gives us no time for rehearsals, replays or second chances. There is no greater place to be out of your comfort zone either. And being out of your comfort zone means you will be open to see yourself for who you really are.

When all around you is foreign, or vaguely familiar in your reptilian brain, your senses start to become alive again. Smell, hearing, sight, touch, taste and sometimes even your sixth sense might kick in. Your re-awakened senses will force you to be situational aware. In the ‘here and now’ or ‘feeling alive’ as many of our guests have told us. Many of our guests are seasoned Africa travellers who want to get closer to nature and more personal in their interaction with wildlife.

Expeditions: Explore the Unknown
Our Expeditions can be one-offs with a real adventurous character allowing us to explore new frontiers in Africa, or trips with regular departure dates to areas we know well. We continuously explore suitable destinations that match our focus of untouched wilderness. All these destinations allow us to be in pristine nature, far away from so-called civilization. These expeditions are based on small (often private) groups and require your active participation.

Tailor made private safaris: Experience nature as you want to
UbuntuTrails can design and organize your personal itinerary based on your specific wishes and interests in one of our areas of operation. Our aim is to create an intimate safari experience for you to enjoy with your family or friends, making your African dream holiday come true.

What you will experience is completely up to you and only limited by your area of choice and your imagination. Whether you want to walk, drive a vehicle or boat yourself or be driven, sleep in or leave early everyday, go on short drives or all day trails, everything is possible and it is all up to you!

We can organize trips for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 guests. We offer trips all year round based on your agenda. Naturally we will advice you on the best time of year to travel to specific areas.